The best dinner party games for which you need only a pen, some paper, and a dose of creativity.

Whether you’re going on a group holiday or looking to spice up your birthday dinner party with some interactive games, here are our best dinner party games, which can be played in groups as small as 2 or as large as 50.

dinner party games

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The Dinner Party Challenge

This is our favourite dinner party game because it’s easy to play, highly personalised and it can be a tad mean if you create challenges such as ‘eat without cutlery’ or ‘eat from your neighbours plate’.

You will need: a pen and pieces of paper
Number of Players: 2+ Players
Playing Time: length of the dinner

Objective: Each player needs to complete their challenge in the most inconspicuous, unnoticeable & natural way to prevent other players from guessing at the end what their challenge was.

1. The host or an earlybird guest will write challenges on pieces of paper.

2. Hide one challenge under each person’s plate, or ask players to draw a challenge.

The game starts as soon as all players are present and have familiarised themselves with the rules. The game ends when everyone has finished eating and the evaluation starts. The youngest player in the room gets to take a guess first. If they guess correctly what another player’s challenge was, the player who failed to complete their challenge has to take a shot. If the guess was wrong, every one else has to take a shot.

The Fish Bowl Game

This is a 3 in 1 dinner party game which provides the best of Taboo, Password and Charades.

You will need: a pen, pieces of paper, a container to hold the paper (fish bowl or any other bowl) and your phone/a timer
Number of Players: 4+ players
Playing time: flexible, we recommend minimum of 20 minutes

Objective: Guess what your team mate is describing or acting out before the 60 second time is up

1. Cut or rip paper into small strips, large enough to write a few words on, and divide the paper between everyone.

2. Populate the fish bowl.

Round One: Take a word/phrase out of the fish bowl and describe it for your team mates to guess. You can continue taking more items after the first one was guessed successfully, until your time runs out.

Round Two: Use only a single word as a clue for each word or phrase

Round Three: Set a timer and act out the items in the fish bowl.

Round Four: Get a blanket or sheet and drape it over the player whose turn it is to act out the word/phrase.

For more detailed instructions, see wikiHow