1. Pick a date for your gathering
  2. Choose a menu (we cater to all dietary needs — vegan, halal, kosher, to name a few)
  3. We’ll deliver groceries, place cards & menus for the occasion
  4. A yhangry chef arrives to prep & cook, freeing you to do your thing
  5. After service, the chef washes up, so you can stay at the table with your friends


About the service

How does the whole process work?

We have designed the process to be as easy as possible. Step 1: Choose what to eat – pick from our set menus or create your own by selecting dishes from ‘add dishes’ Step 2: Groceries get delivered – groceries are usually delivered the day before the event. Step 3: Enjoy your dinner party – the chef will arrive at the stated chef arrival time, cook up a storm and clear up your kitchen! Meanwhile, you’ll relax with friends and enjoy a feast.

I have entered my postcode and you have said you don’t currently serve my area. Do you make exceptions?

If you are close to Greater London, do just drop us a note at to see if we are able to accommodate your request.

I want to secure a date for my event, but I am unsure of the number of guests or what menu to choose. Can you help?

We absolutely can. Please visit to secure your date with a £100 deposit

Does the chef clear up?

The chef will clean all kitchen equipment used and tidy the kitchen after cooking. The chef does not stay until the end of the meal to clear the dishes and clean the plates unless you opt for this add-on service for an additional charge.

Does the chef serve the meal?

No, serving is not included by default — they will finish each dish on a serving plate. You can opt for serving and cleaning up as add-on services.

Does your chef bring all the necessary cooking equipment with them?

No, the chef will not bring cooking equipment such as pots and pans or utensils so you need to have all the relevant kitchen equipment for the dishes chosen, which are included in your order confirmation email. In case you are missing something, we have compiled a list of all the kitchen items that we use here along with purchase links. You can check it out here

Does the chef set the table?

No, the chef does not set the table. This is ideally done before the chef arrives so that you won’t have to disturb the chef during the cooking, especially if space in the kitchen is limited.

How far in advance do I need to make my booking?

We recommend that you place your order as early as possible to secure a chef for your event and to avoid disappointment, especially for weekends and around holidays/festivities. However, we can often accommodate bookings that are made as little as 24 hours in advance.

Do I need to buy groceries?

No, we will take care of that. After your booking, we arrange the grocery delivery directly to the booking venue. You just need to be there during the three-hour grocery delivery window, which we will confirm with you after your booking. You can select your preferred delivery time when placing your booking, however, we cannot always guarantee slots for the exact time are available, so please notify us ASAP in case the slot needs to be changed.

Is the food prepared on site?

Yes, all our dishes are made fresh on site, using the groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Do I get to choose my chef?

We match our chefs based on your cuisine and location alongside their availability and experience cooking the dishes you’ve selected. However, if you have had a yhangry chef before and would like to request a favourite chef, do mention them in your booking notes and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you offer table dressing services?

No, not directly. However we do have a number of partners who offer a wide range of options. Please visit for more information.

Do you supply plates, cutlery etc?

No, not directly. We generally advise that Amazon is often the cheapest and quickest method of finding plates and cutlery if you are in a rush, however we do also work with a few partners who can help. Please visit for more information.

What if I need to contact you owing to an emergency, how do I do that?

Please call 07429221548

About the booking process

Can I change my grocery delivery slot?

Yes, we can make amends up to 36 hours before the window in which your groceries are scheduled to be delivered. Please email with your preferred slot time. However, please note that there are often a limited number of slots available, so despite best efforts, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

I need to increase guest numbers and/or dishes. How can I do this?

You can do this yourself if your booking is more than 72hrs away by simply logging into your account and going to Orders > See More > Edit > Add guests/dishes. If your event is less than 72hrs away, please email us at to see how we can accommodate. Please note there is a maximum of 12 dishes for every booking to ensure you get the very best experience.

I need to decrease the guest number and/or dishes. How can I do this?

Please email us at and we will be more than happy to help

How do I let you know about guests that have dietary requirements?

When making your booking, please add your comments to the ‘dietary requirements’ section, and our team will look to accommodate accordingly.

I want to replace one of the dishes with an alternative for a few of my guests because of taste preferences / dietary requirements. How do I do this?

When making your booking, where we ask if there are any dietary requirements, please detail your request there and our team will accommodate accordingly.

Can I pick dishes across cuisines?

No, unfortunately not. To deliver you the very best experience, we match our chefs to cuisines. This also helps the whole array of dishes and flavours complement one another.

Do I have to choose one of the set menus?

No, you can access our a la carte menu simply by clicking ‘explore dishes’ at the top of your screen and then go to ‘add dishes’. You can also take a set menu and swap out dishes for those within the same cuisine from our ‘add dishes’ section.

Can I call and book?

All bookings can be made through our website, however, if you are running into trouble, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02045255238

What is your cancellation policy?

Normally cancellations for a full cash refund can be made up until 3 days before the booking. If a booking has to be cancelled due to government guidelines, we would also issue a full cash refund (minus the cost of any beverages/groceries which were already delivered). In case a booking needs to be cancelled within 3 days due to the host or guests feeling unwell, we will issue a full credit voucher for future use.

What if I miss my grocery delivery slot?

Missing your grocery delivery slot results in a £50 admin fee. Please notify us ASAP and we will try to get the required groceries delivered to you before the chef arrives. If you fail to notify us in time, the chef will not be able to complete the booking. This will be treated as a same-day cancellation, and you will not receive a refund for your booking.

About the food

I require halal meat, can you help?

We certainly can. When making your booking, please select ‘cuisine’ and then ‘add-ons’ and you will see the option for halal meat.

I require kosher meat or ingredients, can you help?

We certainly can. For Kosher meat, when making your booking, please select ‘cuisine’ and then ‘add-ons,’ where you can add kosher meat add-on. If you prefer to procure your own kosher ingredients beyond just kosher meat, please mention this in the dietary requirements section. After receiving your booking we will then issue you a 30% refund and send you the shopping list, so you can procure all the kosher ingredients.

How many dishes should I order/how big are your portions?

You should order at least 3 dishes across starters, mains, sides and desserts. Most people will order between 4-6 different dishes. Portion sizes vary according to the type of dish – we’ve been told that our portions are on the more generous side compared to eating out. For certain dishes such as lasagne or curries, the portion size will be determined by the size of the equipment you have at home

ow many pieces of each canapé are there per serving?

The number of pieces per canape/bite varies, depending on the course and also the chef. However, our general guidance is that there are around 2-4 canapes per person, per dish.

I want organic ingredients, can you help?

We certainly can. When making your booking, please select ‘cuisine’ and then ‘add-ons’ and you will see an option for organic ingredients.

Do you cater for children?

Not specially, however, if you are wondering how to account for a child portion, we typically advise that one adult portion is enough for two children under the age of 12.

Have some more questions?
Give us a call on 020 4525 5238, and we’ll help.