Hiring a private chef for Christmas Day? Top tips plus behind the scenes so you can work out the best hacks for your celebration!

Private Chef For Christmas Day

Private Chef For Christmas Day


Can you hire a chef for Christmas Day?


Of course! And they make the day so much easier. You can focus on family, board games and photo taking.

How many hours do you spend on a Christmas Dinner? We did the calculations and taking into account the menu prep, dietaries, shopping, top-up shopping, pre prep, cooking, serving and all the back and forth to the kitchen to check everything is ok, it can take almost 9 hours in total.


As much as we enjoy cooking, it’s such an important day of spending time with loved ones (and watching some great tv/napping/playing board games/opening presents) that it’s sometimes nice to get a little help. Or a lot of help.

Hiring a private chef for Christmas Day can really take the weight off your shoulders. Not only do they buy the groceries, they take care of dietary requirements and clear up afterwards.

Booking a private chef for Christmas Day can take away many of the stresses. Here’s a guide on how to and things to think about.


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About us

Yhangry is a private chef platform which has been featured on Dragons’ Den. If you are planning to host Christmas, you can find and book local private chefs to cook in your home. You simply choose from our chefs’ menus starting from £25pp. The chef will bring the shopping, cook up a feast and clean up in the kitchen, so you get to enjoy a fabulous time with your loved ones without having to worry about the cooking.

Take a look through our chef’s menus below. Or fill in a form for a bespoke menu.

You can browse through other people’s events on instagram or take a look at Trustpilot reviews to ensure you get the Christmas you’d like.


Hiring a private chef for Christmas Day? Top tips plus behind the scenes so you can work out the best hacks for your celebration!


  • How to book a private chef for Christmas

  • Who to book

  • How it works

  • Top tips for the build up and on the day!




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Hiring a Private Chef for Christmas Guide

1. Dietary Requirements

Check in with all your guests to see if anyone has any dietary requirements you don’t know about. Even if you see them every year, intolerances can appear and there’s always a cousin who’s vegan one year and keto the next. 


Drop everyone a text on the 1st December – hi everyone, any dietary restrictions I need to know about for Christmas Day? X


2. Travel 

Public transport isn’t available so chefs often have to rely on taxis. This is one of the factors that put prices up for Christmas Day. Many private chefs drive which makes it a lot easier. However there are many chefs who don’t. The main thing we don’t want is any delays which could impact the time of lunch. If you can, it’s great to support the chef by offering to pick them up from a meeting point. It’s far more difficult to get to a booking than it is to get home again. The weight of groceries, unknown areas and rush hour make arrival difficult.


3. Availability

Demand is high for chefs on Christmas Day. With all the restaurants and hotels that stay open for the special occasion, they need even more staff than usual to make sure they can carry out a slick service. Private chefs are in even greater demand on Christmas Day. They often cover for those in restaurants, as well as cooking in homes.


If you are struggling to find a chef, try a different service time. A chef who is cooking for a 1pm Christmas Dinner will be able to serve a second client’s Christmas Dinner at 7pm.


4. Play to the chef’s strengths

Do you want a traditional lunch or would you like something with a twist? Choose your chef based on their experience and specialities. If you’d like more traditional food, go for a classically trained chef or chefs who have worked in restaurants which serve similar food. If your chef is specialised in different cuisines, play to their strength and go for a fusion dinner or something radically different! It will make a memorable Christmas to have something really unique.


5. Check your equipment

Check the oven is working ok! Believe me it’s happened to my family on Christmas Day before…


6. Should I offer my chef a drink?

Chefs need to keep hydrated so a glass of water or juice will be very gratefully received! They will usually help themself to water as they go – they’re next to the tap already. If you’d like to offer them wine or a beer then you can. Not all chefs will want to drink, while some enjoy a glass or two while they work. It can be a nice way to break the ice and welcome them to your home. Don’t worry, they know their limits and they know they’re there to work!


7. What do I talk to the chef about?

The chef has a lot of work to do so don’t be offended if they’re too busy to chat. The important things that you discuss when they first arrive are:

  • Dietary requirements – it’s good to double check any allergies beforehand
  • Equipment – where everything is, what they can use
  • Service – what time you would like to start (confirm the time from your booking), how you would like the food served and what plateware you’d like to use
  • Cleaning – where are the bins and the cleaning products?
  • What point you’re happy for them to leave – would you like them to leave dessert out and go once the mains are served or would you like them to help serve desserts and put the leftovers in the fridge? Open conversation so everyone knows what they’re doing is always best.


8. Does the chef eat too?

Chefs are there to work and this is their career. They usually time their meals around their jobs. If they have back to back jobs that day, they may eat a small snack but they won’t sit down and share your food with you. That’s all for you!


9. What to do with Christmas Leftovers?

You can keep all of the leftovers and have turkey sandwiches for days afterwards. However if you are going away or simply don’t want any more food, you can offer these to the chef. They might enjoy taking some home with them.



All set?

Where to start.

Some websites have set menus ready prepared which you can browse through and instantly book. Others have request forms. They usually only take two minutes to complete but you can create a more bespoke menu (usually for the same price!). You can make requests such as what meat you would like, how you would like the potatoes and vegetables to be cooked and whether or not you would like dessert. Be as speciific as you can so the chef knows exactly what you expect.




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Private Chef for Christmas Day


Having friends or family over during the festive season can be a lot of work but that’s why we’re here. Pay £100 as a deposit towards your private chef for Christmas within minutes. This is fully refundable if you decide not to go ahead with your booking.

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