Celebrate a special time of year with your loved ones – not just the loved ones we’re given, but the loved ones we choose. Gather your best friends for a pre Christmas celebration. Put the candles on and have an intimate get together before the busy season sets in.

We have a whole range of Christmas dishes. You can choose a set menu, or build your own using each of your favourites. We even have you covered with two delicious vegan menus. From stuffed roasted squash and glazed parsnips, to honey & mustard gammon and Nana’s fruity brandy trifle.

Worrying about dry turkey? Can’t crisp the potatoes as well as your grandma? Pigs in blankets look more like piglets in socks? Bring in the yhangry team to help. We’ll send all of your groceries as well as a private chef to do all the work for you. We’ll send the menus and invites to your friends to make everything as easy for you as possible.

Create an intimate evening, hassle-free, where you can focus on catching up and enjoying yourselves.

Top tips for an intimate Christmas gathering? 

  1. Eat in candlelight to add ambience
  2. Make your own crackers. You can personalise each one with a small gift. 
  3. Limit your secret santa budget to £5 to get some very creative results.
  4. Pick up pine cones and leafy branches on a walk to decorate the table.
  5. Make your gift a donation to a charity that means something to the recipient.

What to drink with your friends? It’s time to pop open the fizz. Sparkling wine always feels more celebratory. It’s high acidity makes it a perfect match for over indulgence too. The acidity cuts straight through heavy foods, keeping you energetic enough to be the day’s board game champion.

Our favourite sparkling is Wiston Estate Cuvée. English sparkling wine that tastes like fizzy apricots, perfect for roast potatoes and parsnips – £40. Drink it in big red wine glasses to make the most of the flavours.

If you’re a fan of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, try a Gigondas. Same region, same style, but without the price tag to match. This one is full, complex, packed full of red berries and savoury spice – £22.99.

While our chefs handle the washing up, you can open up the Cognac you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Château de Montifaud VS Fine Petite Champagne Cognac has soft citrus with honeyed almonds and spice, incredibly smooth  – £31.75.