Your child’s 7th birthday is coming up, and you’ll want to ensure everything’s perfect. But rather than celebrating your kid’s birthday inside the house with their friends in attendance, do things differently by taking the party outside. Since this is new territory for you, making the event memorable might seem daunting. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! This guide outlines ten fun outdoor birthday ideas for your kid’s 7th birthday party. Let’s go!

Yhangry’s Role in Elevating the Experience at Your Kid’s Outdoor Birthday Party

Birthdays happen once in 365 days. And if we’re to trigger your superstitious side, the number “7” denotes completion and perfection. With your child’s 7th birthday coming up, these facts should be enough incentive to go all out with the celebrations.

Kids’ birthdays are no joke to other children. As such, you’d want to ensure your child’s celebration is exciting and memorable. Although you might have some stellar outdoor ideas (we’ll go in-depth on these shortly) lined up, there’s one aspect you must consider — food!

However, this might prove difficult with kids being selective about what goes into their mouths. But what if we told you it’s possible to relegate these worries to the background with yhangry? 

Yhangry is a state-of-the-art platform that connects individuals to top-tier private chefs. The chefs on the yhangry platform are culinary “hydras” and can prepare meals spanning diverse cuisines, including Japanese, Indian, Italian, African, BBQ, and lots more.

Once you’ve scoured the site and found the right chef, you can book their menu straightaway or request a free quote for a personalised experience.

The result of setting sail with a chef from yhangry? Lip-smacking meals for kids on your child’s 7th birthday. 

Fun Outdoor 7-Year-Old Birthday Ideas: 10 Practices to Increase the Event’s Thrill

Deciding what to do for a 7-year-old’s birthday party can prove daunting. Even though your child isn’t of age to make binding household decisions, they’re most likely developing their social side during this stage. And guess what? They don’t want anything that could reduce their social credibility.

So, while going over 7th birthday ideas, it’ll be best to seek their opinion and see if any appeals to them. Quickly, let’s peek at the birthday ideas for 7-year-olds you can consider in 2023 and beyond.

Top mentions include:

1. Hire a Personal Chef

Tasty meals are crucial at birthday parties. From BBQ and sushi to a hog roast and pizza, guests appreciate a well-crafted menu. However, achieving this alone translates into spending hours shopping and cooking. 

These tasking endeavours can see you unavailable during your child’s big day. Imagine your child’s friends asking where you are, and they say — “Oh! She’s in the kitchen.” Not cool.

To avoid this, you might consider hiring a caterer. However, the alternatives you’ll find within your vicinity might be expensive or, worse, leave you hanging on the day of your event without refunding you. 

To avoid this, utilise a revered and popular service like yhangry to connect you with top-notch private chefs who will do all the kitchen work and distribute palatable meals to guests. 

What’s better? These meals are cooked under strict hygiene guidelines. Thus, the prospect of invitees having diarrhoea after the event or experiencing stomach growls is practically non-existent.

To book your preferred chef, you’d need to create an account and input information on your preferences. Yhangry registration isn’t just a regular activity and can get you £25 in free credits.

Once you’ve booked your preferred chef’s menu, they’ll come around on your child’s 7th birthday celebration, set up the kitchen and prepare meals that’ll leave everyone happy.

2. Video Game Marathon

Kids of all ages love video games. In fact, playing related titles on consoles like the PS4 or PS5 fosters togetherness among children. As such, consider setting up an outdoor game station (several if you expect more kids) with consoles hosting kids’ favourite video games. 

Popular kid-friendly games to integrate include Minecraft, Rocket League, Pokémon, Among Us and Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

3. The Frisbee Toss

Consider the frisbee toss if you’re searching for engaging and exciting seven-year-old birthday party ideas to incorporate into your kid’s big day. This outdoor game demands two things — a tweaked cardboard box and frisbees.

Once you’ve gotten a hold of these items, cut rectangular holes on both sides of the cardboard. Ensure that these holes fit a frisbee seamlessly. Afterwards, decorate the box using paint, paper or coloured tape.

Once you’ve cut up and designed the cardboard box, distribute frisbees to the kids and have them aim for the box’s rectangular holes from a distance (10 to 12 feet away). 

Each successful frisbee toss into the hole should earn the thrower a point. Additionally, you can make things more interesting by rewarding the individual with the most points after a select timeline.

4. Toppling Tug of War

Toppling tug of war shares the same principle as the regular variant, but with a twist! With its minimal requirements, this game ranks as one of the cheap ideas for 7-year-olds you should integrate on your child’s 7th birthday. 

For this game, place two milk crates 6 to 12 feet apart and have a kid stand on each. The objective of this game is pretty straightforward — participants must pull or relax their hold on the rope to make their opponent fall from the crate. For safety reasons, consider adding gym mats around each case.

5. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Transform your backyard from a regular garden to a spot where kids can excitedly scavenge for stuff. In the backyard scavenger hunt game, divide attending kids into distinct groups and give each team a scavenger hunt itinerary to complete.

The team checking off all the items on their list should receive a goody bag with sweets and chocolates. However, you can tweak the rewards to suit the birthday party’s theme. Your choice!

6. Telephone Game

The telephone game has been around for many years and is popular among kids. Gameplay doesn’t require any unique materials and can be done outdoors.

To kick-start the telephone game, get the kids to sit close to each other in a circle. The first individual in the ring will whisper a phrase or word to the person on their right. This person does the same, and the game continues until it reaches the last player in line. 

Here, the last player utters the whispered phrase out loud. This action will elicit giggles from the other kids as they realise how much the phrase or word they whispered has changed.

7. Silly Sack Race

Kids love moving! Albeit restrictive, the silly sack race game offers just that while giving them a chance to trump their peers and cross the finish line first.

For this endeavour, purchase burlap potato sacks and glue cutouts of the party’s theme to each. 

Afterwards, give each kid a sack and line them up to race. Upon the starting signal, the kids must hop along a defined path to the finish line. Ensure the hopping area is void of obstacles to avoid injuries. 

8. Mini Golf

If you’d like to rekindle the athletic side of kids at your child’s 7th birthday celebration, consider incorporating mini golf into the event’s itinerary. 

You can set up a mini golf competition in your home’s backyard, as it has all the attributes required — grass and a truckload of space! 

Add obstacles across the course and a hole players can aim at. Ensure the player that hits the golf ball to enter the designated spot in the least amount of tries is rewarded for their aiming skills.

9. Nerf War

If you’ve got several Nerf or water guns, you can get your kid’s friends to participate in a Nerf war. This thrilling game is similar to paintball but without the bruises and mess involved.

10.  Paint Party

Kids love painting. However, things can get messy real quick. As such, this activity requires a ton of open space where the risk of kids imprinting their paint-stained hands onto expensive upholstery is relegated to the background.

For this activity, give the kids easels and paint to create anything they want. Leonardo Da Vinci isn’t in attendance, so let the kids be and allow their imaginations to run wild. 

Are you scared of the cleanup you’ll have to go through afterwards? Don’t be. You can wipe paint off the outdoor space using water or letting nature run its course (through the rain).


There you go! The ten 7th birthday ideas in this article will give your kid (the celebrant) and other kids the time of their lives. What’s better? These ideas are tailored to suit diverse budgets and kid personalities. 

Although you might not be able to implement all these suggestions, we recommend combining at least three or four to make your child’s 7th birthday party exciting and thrilling in all ways.

To ensure food isn’t in short supply during the celebration, book a chef on the yhangry platform. Not sure about how our service works? Schedule a consultation today!


Multiple ideas for your child’s 7th birthday exist. They could include hiring a private chef and silly sack games to video gaming and mini golf.

Yhangry is the best platform to connect with private chefs. After you’ve booked one, they’ll be available on your child’s big day to prepare delicious meals that appeal to numerous taste palates.

Your child’s 7th birthday represents a stage where they leave early childhood and enter pre-teen. As such, a well-deserved celebration must be on the cards!