Our story

Spending more quality time at home.

With friends or family and great food.

But without too much effort.

Our story

Why can’t we book a great chef at the click of a button?

Is what we asked ourselves on numerous occasions. We met when we were working in finance together and we were tired of eating out or getting takeaway all the time. We were pretty much treating our homes like hotels…

We wanted to have friends over and hang out more at home, but without the hassle.

Why can we book a car, a massage, a manicure, but not a chef? Our mission is to re-invent dining at home. Or to re-introduce rather. In a day and age where most do not have the time or energy (or skill) to plan, shop, prep and cook for hours before having friends over, we stop socialising at home and dinner parties had become a thing of the past.

Dining at home is about spending quality time together

The dinner table, among friends, is where some of the best conversations take place – talk about the world, culture, politics or people. All mediated through sharing great food in the comfort and intimacy of home. Our aim is to create more opportunity for friends and families to get together and create and share memories. Whilst having delicious food, freshly prepared by a professional chef in the comfort of one’s own home.

Heinin & Siddhi

The founders

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