Our story

Spending more quality time at home.

With friends or family and great food.

But without too much effort.

Our story (so far)

Siddhi and Heinin met when working together in finance.

Where Siddhi was one of the toughest traders on the floor and Heinin was in sales, trying to get good prices from her. Initially we were just colleagues. Then lunch buddies. Then we became really close friends when we realised that we were both secretly dating someone in the office. Luckily not the same person.

There was something else we had in common though: missing the dinner parties our parents used to throw.

We were super busy and the thought of cooking for a group of friends… As much as we love our friends, no thank you. Millennials had killed the dinner party and we thought it was tragic. We are ‘Generation Convenience’. We want everything at the click of a button. So what if there was an easy and effortless way to have your friends over and feed them?

That’s how YHANGRY was born.

We started bringing our laptops to work and going to coffee shops in Canary Wharf after markets closed to work on this idea. We identified and listed a bunch of friends as (more or less voluntary) beta testers of this new private chef idea. We asked them to pay for the service and give us honest feedback. What started as a pet project, which involved lugging (heavy!) groceries around London after work, soon became rather time-consuming and we decided to quit our jobs and work on YHANGRY full time.

Getting into the highly selective Residency Program by Google for Startups was another milestone that we celebrated.

Joining the program in July 2019, together with the founders of 9 other early stage startups; working and learning alongside some amazing people really helped us build YHANGRY to where we are right now.

Our mission is to bring people together.

For friends and family to get together, share and create memories. We believe that the dinner table is where some of the best conversations take place – talk about the world, culture, politics or people. All mediated through sharing great food in the comfort and intimacy of home.

Cooking was our biggest inhibitor to inviting people over and we hope that YHANGRY is solving this problem for you also.
Lots of Love,

Heinin & Siddhi

The founders

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