MasterChef is the cooking competition which separates the enthusiasts from the masters. Over the course of several intense weeks of competition, John Torode and Gregg Wallace whittle down the show’s contestants to just a handful of incredibly talented culinary wizards.

2018 was another great season of the classic cooking show, which saw some of Britain’s best chefs battle it out in the kitchen and push themselves to their limits. Some rose to the challenges while overs burned under pressure. 

Three excellent chefs reached the MasterChef 2018 grand finale and fought for the title of MasterChef. Each of these finalists is an outstanding culinary genius, but only one could win. Each chef has a different outlook on cooking and different masteries.

Below you will find an overview of each of the three 2018 MasterChef finalists.

MasterChef 2018 Finalists

Kenny Tutt

Kenny Tutt was a bank manager in Worthing, West Sussex, for over 17 years before entering MasterChef. He has long had a passion for cooking since he was a child helping his mother. 

Kenny is a passionate chef who often creates intricate dishes; he was cautioned during the competition by Gregg and John because he sometimes put too much food on the plate. 

Kenny was the ultimate winner of the competition, which he won thanks to his three-course meal featuring a scallop starter, squab pigeon main, and chocolate and ale ice cream. Kenny currently operates a restaurant named Pitch in Worthing.

David Crichton

David Crichton was a commercial airline pilot from Bramhall, Stockport. He discovered his culinary interest relatively late, after only starting cooking at age 18, and only really ignited his passion after meeting his wife.

Thanks to his job, he has traversed the globe and tried his hand at various cuisines. His culinary adventuring helped him earn his place in the MasterChef final, and during the season, he was noted for putting an experimental twist on British classics. He still works as a pilot but runs a chocolate company called The Careless Collection. 

Nawamin Pinpathomrat

Nawamin Pinpathomrat is a Thai-born PhD student who studied at the University of Oxford and Imperial College London and unexpectedly became a MasterChef 2018 UK finalist. Nawamin got his love of cooking from his mother and grandmother.

Nawamin got to the final thanks to a pork satay dish with profiteroles filled with spicy peanut sauce and topped with white chocolate. Nawamin is a lecturer at the Department of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine at Prince of Songkla University. He also owns the Realm cafe, which can be found in Songkhla, Thailand.

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Three chefs got to the grand finale of the 2017 series of MasterChef. The two runners-up were Giovanna Ryan and Steve Kielty. The winner of MasterChef 2017 was Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed.

The winner of MasterChef: The Professionals in 2018 was Laurence Henry, who beat fellow finalists Dean Banks and Oli Martin to win the cooking competition.

The winner of MasterChef 2017 was Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed, whose winning meal was praised by Gregg Wallace as “East meets West” and “simply stunning – beautiful art on a plate.”

Gary MacLean was the winner of MasterChef: The Professionals in 2016, which was his third time applying to be on the show. He beat 47 other chefs to win the culinary competition.

The winner of MasterChef 2016 was Jane Devonshire, who wowed Gregg Wallace and John Torode with her three-course meal, beating fellow finalists Billy Wright and Jack Layer.