How to create menus as a private chef?

Getting your clients excited about your food starts with a simple yet powerful step – creating a menu that fits what your customers love. At yhangry, we believe chefs should have the freedom to make menus special. It’s not just about giving people a meal; it’s about turning it into a fantastic experience. We’re convinced that a well-thought-out menu can be a game-changer – the kind of thing that makes customers want to book you again!

Here are some easy tips to make the right menus just for your clients:

Talk to Clients: Chefs chat with clients to know what they like, any food restrictions, the theme of the event, their budget, and any special requests.

Choose your top menu items: Consider what to include by thinking about three main things:

  • What dishes do you make exceptionally well that will make customers crave more?
  • What are your customers asking for, considering their preferences? Are they into seafood more than meat?
  • How much profit does each menu item bring in?

Crafting Your Menu: Now that you know what your customers like, let’s use your cooking skills to plan a bunch of tasty menu options. This means picking the best ingredients, thinking about flavors, and making dishes that match what the client wants. And here’s the cool part – customize each dish to fit the client’s taste.

Organise Your Menu: Keep things simple. Group your menu items into easy-to-find sections like appetizers, salads, mains, desserts, and more. Think of it like a restaurant menu – the more choices you have in each section, the more likely customers are to try more.

Highlight Allergens and Diets: Let’s make choosing the dishes a breeze. Check your ingredients for gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, fish, or anything else. And don’t forget to say if your dishes are vegan, vegetarian, kosher, or halal. Help everyone find their perfect match on your menu!

Name and Describe Your Dishes: Make your dishes sound amazing. Use words that talk about flavors and textures – like “savory” or “crisp.” This not only helps sell more but also makes customers happy to see it on their menus. If you’re serving cuisines like Japanese or Middle Eastern, it’s also a good idea to describe the dishes in one sentence because not everyone might know every dish.

Pricing Magic: Time to talk numbers. Set prices that make sense for your awesome dishes. Check what others are charging around you. Make your prices look good, whether using rounded figures or showing that customers get great value for their money. Smart pricing brings in more customers and keeps them happy!