Last updated: 5th January 2021

We are still open and operating. The lockdown in London do not prohibit chefs from working in other people’s homes and our chefs can come to your home to cook for your household, assuming you are adhering to the government guidelines.

Due to the current situation we have updated our cancellation policy to offer more flexibility during uncertain times, and we have implemented additional protocols to protect both our clients and chefs.

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refund for your booking if you cancel up to 3 days before your event. The exception to this are bookings on peak days, Christmas Day and NYE which have their own respective cancellation policies which would be acknowledged at the time the booking is made.
  • Full refund for your booking if your event cannot go ahead due to a change in government guidelines.
  • A voucher for the full value of your booking, if you need to cancel because you are unwell.

In case any products have already been delivered to you, the full refund will be the cost of your booking minus the cost of any products already delivered, e.g. wine pairing, bottled cocktails etc.

Client Protocol:

  • Please open windows to air the kitchen and dining area before the chef and guests arrive.
  • Please avoid close contact with the chef and allow space in the kitchen whilst they are working.

Chef Protocol:

  • Our chefs have completed the CPD accredited Covid-19 safety course which ensures that they have comprehensive understanding of Covid and how to protect each other 
  • Our chefs wear a face covering when working in your home.
  • Our chefs wash their hands upon arriving in your home.
  • Our chefs will avoid close and direct contact with guests as much as possible.
  • Our chefs are all professional chefs who have the relevant food hygiene qualifications and training, which includes:
    • Frequent washing of hands in between handling raw and cooked foods. Good hygiene and sanitation are important to avoid cross contamination between different types of food.
    • Thorough cooking and proper handling of raw meat products. Since viruses are very sensitive to heat, cooking food to the proper temperature is essential.
    • Surfaces and objects, including glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery or any material used to perform the service are to be cleaned thoroughly and as frequently as possible.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by emailing or give us a call 020 7856 0393