Meet the YHANGRY chefs

We currently work with over 70 professional chefs across London

Every chef is onboarded by the team in person

The onboarding process includes a cooking trial

We have cooked for royal families, famous athletes and high profile individuals

Our team

Our team of chefs from all over the world has experience across many different cuisines.

The YHangry team

Some of our chefs

  • Jonathan F

    Chef Jonathan F

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Fouad M

    Chef Fouad M

    Favourite cuisine:
    Middle Eastern
  • Cristina M

    Chef Cristina M

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Petros M

    Chef Petros M

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Hachemi S

    Chef Hachemi S

    Favourite cuisine:
    Middle Eastern
  • Kamil M

    Chef Kamil M

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Priyanka P

    Chef Priyanka P

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Serghei B

    Chef Serghei B

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Seniz M

    Chef Seniz M

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Dominique O

    Chef Dominique O

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Antonio M

    Chef Antonio M

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Zana M

    Chef Zana M

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Simone Z

    Chef Simone Z

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Grant S

    Chef Grant S

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Cristi I

    Chef Cristi I

    Favourite cuisine:
  • Alinoor M

    Chef Alinoor M

    Favourite cuisine:
    Middle Eastern

Our chef matching process

After receiving your booking we will match you with the most suitable chef for your event. This is based on the specific cuisine, availability of our chefs who can cook the chosen cuisine, as well as the location of the event.

Our onboarding process

  1. Step 1

    Chef screening

    We screen the CVs for relevant work experience

  2. Step 2


    We check that our chefs have the relevant professional certificates required, e.g. hygiene certificate

  3. Step 3

    Meet in person

    We schedule in person chef trials so meet every chef in person before making the onboarding decision

  4. Step 4

    Cooking skills

    The chef trial also involves cooking different dishes for the team to taste and vet the chef’s culinary capabilities