Ashbourne Self Catering is introducing you to yhangry

yhangry makes it easy to book a private chef for any event. I loved using them, so I'm sharing £60 off your first booking. Feel free to pass it on. ❤️

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About them

yhangry (pronounced like why-han-gry) Co-founders, Heinin and Siddhi, started out on Dragon's Den [watch here].

Since then they've been part of Google for Startups, Ycombinator, and cooked for celebrities such as Ollie Locke, Laura Whitmore and Sonam Kapoor [plus some more who they can't name sshh!].

Food on a large table, pizza in the centre. People hands reaching for food

How you can use them?

  • Private chefs for BBQs
  • Deliver meal prep for the week
  • Date nights
  • Cooking in your holiday home
  • Dinner parties
  • Plus much more!
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