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Hire Caterers in Bradford

When it comes to planning an event, you’ll be responsible for many things. From booking the entertainment to creating a detailed menu plan, there's no shortage on your to-do list as a host! However, there’s a way to minimise the amount of work and make your event planning a breeze — by hiring a private catering service.

Bradford may be a historical gem in the heart of West Yorkshire, but it's the cultural diversity that keeps tourists flocking. This city is home to a wide range of delicious cultural cuisines and is best known for its Indian curry houses and Middle Eastern restaurants. With yhangry, you can bring qualified chefs with expert knowledge of various cooking styles right to your doorstep!

Host a Stress-Free Event with Bradford Catering Services

Feeding a crowd is no easy task, especially when it’s being done by one person alone. Most professional chefs have years of training and experience in working in fast-paced environments, which means they have the skills to prepare high-quality meals under pressure. Hiring a team of experienced chefs to cater your event, therefore, is a great way to relieve yourself of some of the responsibilities of being a host.

Fortunately, yhangry’s private chefs are specially equipped to cater any kind of event. Whether it’s your child’s birthday party, a BBQ with friends or an elegant wedding brunch, a caterer can relieve a load of stress on the big day. Some of the types of events we provide private catering for include:

  • Casual dinner parties
  • Fine dining meals
  • Brunch
  • BBQs
  • Hot or cold buffets
  • Office lunches
  • Private cooking classes
  • And much more!

On the day of your event, your private chef will arrive with all the ingredients readily prepared. This way, you can sit back and relax while you and your guests enjoy a Michelin-star meal in the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is choose a perfect menu for your event's style, and it's smooth sailing from there.


Diverse Cuisines to Suit Everyone’s Taste

A quality caterer will ensure each meal is packed with delicious flavours that will impress your guests. At yhangry, we understand that not everyone has the same palate or beliefs when it comes to fine foods. As a result, we offer a large selection of Bradford caterers who specialise in various types of cuisines.

If you've experienced the many flavours of downtown Bradford's cultural-inspired restaurants, then you'll be ecstatic to learn about the vast range of menus we offer. Perhaps you're craving something spicy — in which case, you might love to try our Indian menus featuring tasty samosas and vegetarian curries. Or, if you've been pining for something meatier, consider indulging in a Moroccan feast from one of our Middle Eastern menus.

At your event, you can ensure that no one is left behind due to their dietary restrictions or preferences. Yhangry offers something for everyone to enjoy, including fabulous menus accommodating all sorts of dietary needs, including plant-based, gluten-free and Halal. If you're looking for anything else in particular, our search tool can help you find it among hundreds of diverse menus by simply entering a few keywords.

Our chefs come with their own set of qualifications and areas of expertise. During the booking process, check with your yhangry caterer to see if they can accommodate any special menu requests.

Book a Professional Bradford Caterer Today

Hosts shouldn't be exempt from all the fun! Booking a private caterer can transform your event into something magical by allowing you to focus on spending quality time with friends, family and colleagues. If you are interested in hiring a caterer for your event to make your life easier, consider searching with yhangry to find chefs that suit your individual needs.

See which private chef best fits your upcoming event by browsing through hundreds of unique menus and profiles. Request a free quote today and start bringing your dinner party dreams to life!


Where in Bradford can I get catering?

If you aren’t sure if your area is serviced by yhangry’s selection of private chefs and caterers, consider using our tool to help refine your search. Simply enter your postal code on the front page of our website to see if your location is serviced by any of our chefs. If not, don’t worry! We are continuously expanding to new locations all the time.

Can I have input on the menu plan?

Yes, it is highly encouraged for you to have input on your chosen menu plan. When you hire a chef on yhangry, your chef will likely ask you a few questions about what type of foods or cuisines you want to serve at your function. You can have direct, 24/7 contact with your private chef through email, text or phone calls.

Do you accommodate allergies and/or dietary restrictions?

On yhangry, each chef has their own set of dietary restrictions that they can accommodate. Please see your desired chef’s individual set of rules and obligations on their profile or contact them directly to find out what they can do for your event.

Private chefs are so expensive. Can I book one for a reasonable price?

At yhangry, we understand that hiring a private chef can take a large portion of your event’s budget. To combat this issue, we ensure that our chefs offer their expert-level services at affordable prices for you to enjoy along with friends and family. You can read more about our prices here.

What if I need to cancel my catering service?

If you book a caterer or private chef through yhangry, you can cancel up to seven days before your event and receive a full refund. Should you cancel between six and four days, you will receive a 50% refund. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds any closer to the date or at Christmas or New Year’s.