Your Christmas Countdown

There is always a lot to do before Christmas. Just set a reminders today, so we can help you be on track. We will send you the hottest gift deals and reminders

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Be ready for Christmas

April 2023

Start thinking about your Christmas plans and make a rough budget for gifts and other expenses

May 2023

Consider hosting a Christmas in July party to celebrate the halfway mark to Christmas.

Write down what are your favourite bits of Christmas - what you want to do more or/ less of this year

June 2023

Book a private chef or catering service if you plan to host a Christmas party at home.

Start researching gift ideas and create a list of people you need to buy gifts for.

July 2023

Purchase an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas.

Begin gift shopping and keep an eye out for deals and discounts.

August 2023

Check out local craft fairs or online stores for unique Christmas decorations.

Start making a handmade gift for someone special.

September 2023

Book a private chef or catering service if you plan to host a Christmas party at home. Local chefs get booked up early and given public transport does not work on December 25th we recommend booking someone nearby early on.

Create a list of people you want to buy gifts for and jot down ideas for further brainstorming. Having done this upfront work makes it easier to spot gift opportunities when you come across them.

October 2023

Print and order your bespoke family Christmas card, we recommend Vista Print.

Start experimenting with new holiday recipes and treats.

November 2023

Order an advent calendar ahead of time, too often December 1st arrives and we are left calendar-less!

Take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to buy gifts for your giftees.

Write Christmas cards, frank them and address them - this leaves you enough time to ask for someone's address in case you realise you don't have their latest home address.

December 2023

Place your grocery delivery for Christmas - shops are closed on Christmas Day and most grocery delivery services don't resume deliveries until Dec 27th, so you need enough food to survive Boxing Day!

Participate in a local charity event or volunteer to spread holiday cheer.

Get ready for NYE - how do you plan to celebrate it?

2023 Christmas Countdown: how many days left before Christmas and what to do