YHANGRY enters Dragons’ Den

What a rollercoaster our journey has been so far.

Armed with only their wits, rock solid numbers and an unwavering passion, last week our wonderful founders Heinin and Siddhi stepped into the Dragons’ Den and pitched YHANGRY to five of the most successful, pioneering and often scary business titans the UK has to offer.

What a whirlwind of day it was for us.

Our mission at YHANGRY is simple. For friends and family to get together, share and create memories. We believe that the dinner table is where some of the best conversations take place – a safe, no holds barred arena to put the world to right, no matter whether what the topic of conversation. All mediated through sharing great food in the comfort and intimacy of your own home.

It’s this vision that Heinin and Siddhi pitched to the Dragons – showcasing an alternative to eating out in a world reshaped to some extent by COVID.

But as those who watch Dragons’ Den know all too well, its not always plain sailing when you step out of that famous lift and into the belly of the dragon.

Check out the clip below and see whether YHANGRY walked away with that investment and all importantly, a Dragon.

SPOILER ALERT, you might even see Siddhi’s “winning dance”.

Watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.