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Hire Caterers in Plymouth

Hosting an event can be a hassle. There is always something demanding your attention, and it takes a lot of coordination to throw the perfect event. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function or a wedding, you should delegate the event’s food to a high-quality Plymouth-based caterer who will serve and cook the food perfectly. 

Plymouth caterers can cook local dishes, fine dining classics or foreign cuisines, like Indian or Chinese food. All you have to do is contact one through yhangry to make your next event special.


Tantalising Indian Cuisine

Traditional Indian food at its best will always be a popular cuisine at any event. Provide your guests with the best Indian food they’ll ever have. Made of the finest authentic ingredients and rich in flavour, like the Indian delicacies we all love. 

Whether you’re an expert in Indian dishes or a relative novice, there are dishes out there that will be perfect for your event. 

Start your meal with canapes equivalents like poppadoms and chutneys or dahi puri, a delicious Mumbai snack food consisting of a crispy shell filled with boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes and more. 

Follow that up with a starter like a reshmi kabab, a mouth-watering chicken kebab commonly eaten in Northern India, or a Bhagari jhinga, which is stir-fried shrimp in cream sauce.  

Popular main courses might be a rogan josh, an aromatic curried meat dish from Kashmir, a Malabar fish curry, or a murgh tikka, a beautiful dish of grilled chicken tikka simmered with cashew nuts and tomato gravy.  

Your guests can finish your special evening with a dish like gajar ka halwa, a carrot-based sweet dessert pudding, a gulab jamun, a sweet confectionery food and a widely celebrated Indian festive dessert. 

Indian cuisine is so rich in diverse tastes that there is always a dish to suit your taste buds. 


Sandwich Lunches

Delight your guests with freshly prepared and beautifully presented sandwiches. There is an infinite number of sandwich options for your guests to choose from, so this is a surefire way to ensure no guest feels left out.

Sandwiches are perfect for events like meetings, training sessions and parties. Next time you’re hosting an event, hire a caterer who can provide you with made-to-order sandwich platters, which include classics like prawn mayo, roast chicken and BLT, and vegetarian options like falafel rolls.


Mobile Catering Vehicles

Who doesn’t have fond memories of turning up to a party and seeing a shimmering van selling your favourite foods? These vehicles have turned many parties from snore fests into nostalgic events. If you’re planning on throwing a party, funeral, BBQ, fundraiser, etc., you should consider hiring a mobile catering van to enrich your event and satisfy your guests.

Mobile catering vans can serve anything. They serve traditional British foods, such as delicious fish and chips, classic pie and mash, and slow-roasted hog roasts, and family favourites like grilled hot dogs, mouth-watering burgers and fun stone-baked pizza. 

They don’t have to be hearty meals either, as they can also serve light breakfasts, crepes, doughnuts, coffees, and more. A particular favourite of many catering van attendees is a toastie, oozing with cheese, perhaps the ultimate comfort food. 

Mobile catering vans won’t leave any mess, don’t take up too much room and are easy to set up. That means you won’t have to stress about the logistics, timings or whether there’s enough space for guests, as mobile caterers are a very reliable way to cater your event.


Catering Services in Plymouth

Yhangry connects customers with caterers. You can hire a top-quality caterer for your next event in just a handful of clicks and two minutes. There are all sorts of caterers on yhangry, those who specialise in certain events and those who master specific cuisines. This range of options means there is always a caterer for you, no matter your preferences or budget.

Caterers supply the fresh ingredients they use to cook. We’re talking organic local vegetables and fish caught straight from the sea. They serve the food beautifully, and once you’re done, they clean up after themselves, leaving no mess for you to deal with afterwards.