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Hire Caterers in Canterbury

Planning a Canterbury event takes a village these days. Whether it’s a birthday, hen do, brunch or office party, the average planner worries about everything from the weather to the decor, not to mention table settings and hopes that the caterer doesn’t leave them high and dry. It’s a lot to handle by one person, especially a 21st-century adult with many other things on the back burner. 

While we may not have the expertise to control the weather, we can guarantee Michelin-star meals at your next soirée and help your guests create lasting memories over fine dining. Here’s what our Canterbury catering services entail.


Catering Services in Canterbury, England

Hiring a catering service is an activity accompanied by a lot of uncertainty. ‘Will the caterer exceed your expectations?’ ‘Will they make your event or next meal memorable, or will the experience be abysmal?’ These are the questions you ponder before sending that deposit. However, with yhangry, we’re here to create a new metric of satisfaction by which your future caterers will be measured. 

Think of us as matchmakers but for food. We connect you with the most exceptional chefs and caterers in Canterbury that’ll serve culinary delights at your next occasion. Our Canterbury caterers cover everything from casual to fine dining, BBQs to hog roasts, weekly meal preps, delivery platters, cooking classes, private home chefs, kids’ meals, office lunches, etc. They also handle the grocery shopping and cleanups, leaving you with nothing to do but have fun with friends, family or colleagues. 

Our exclusive selection of Canterbury caterers adhere to every dietary restriction, standard or preference. These caterers are culinary geniuses who will delight your taste buds in several languages. From popular Canterbury meals like pulled pork and brioche bread pudding to cuisines indigenous to Japan, the Caribbean, Korea, Africa, America, Greece, etc., our caterers will transport you to the shores of different countries through their exceptional cuisines. 

We offer potential clients personalised interactions with these Michelin-star caterers and the opportunities to browse and customise their mouth-watering menus as they please. Feel free to request a free quote from our Canterbury caterers or book a consultation to weigh your options. 



How does it work with the caterer? Do they stay while we eat?

It depends on your preferences. Usually, yhangry chefs will stay to clean up after. However, if you wouldn’t want this, communicate with the caterer to ensure your preferences are respected.

What’s the vetting procedure for your chefs?

All chefs on yhangry are independently vetted for their experience and expertise.