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Enhance Your Dining Experience

Wandering through the idyllic countryside and lush greenery of England, one will come across a city unlike any other – Cambridge. Known for its renowned universities and rich cultural heritage, Cambridge is a hub of knowledge and a bustling metropolis that draws in the best and brightest minds worldwide. From top executives and managers to prominent attorneys and business leaders, the city is home to some of the most highly sought-after and well-compensated individuals.

However, living and working in a fast-paced city like Cambridge can also be quite demanding, making it easy to forget to take a moment and celebrate life's joyous occasions. But with the help of our expert catering services, you can effortlessly host a celebratory dinner or party that will be enjoyed by all and leave everyone feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our private chefs have years of experience in the culinary arts and will craft mouth-watering, delicious and sophisticated menus, ensuring that all guests, regardless of their dietary restrictions, are taken care of.


Transform Your Home in Cambridge into a Personal Restaurant

Looking for a dining experience that's both luxurious and comfortable? Look no further than our private catering services! With us, you can turn your home into a sophisticated and intimate eatery where you and your guests can savour every moment.

Bid farewell to the hassle of finding a babysitter or battling traffic to reach a busy restaurant. Instead, invite your friends over and let us handle the rest. Our expert chefs will create an unforgettable dining experience right in your own home. They'll bring all the necessary ingredients, cooking tools and décor to set the perfect ambience.

Whether you're hosting a casual dinner or an intimate get-together, our chefs will work tirelessly to ensure every bite is delicious and memorable. So why leave the comfort of your home when you can have the best of both worlds? Book our private catering services today and treat yourself and your guests to a truly exceptional dining experience.


Unmatched Professional Catering Services

There are plenty of catering services in a city as vibrant as Cambridge. But what sets us apart is our unparalleled access to Masterchefs and Michelin-experienced chefs dedicated to crafting menus that embody the finest culinary traditions while standing out from the crowd. Whether you're planning a sophisticated business dinner or a cosy get-together with loved ones, our talented chefs will attend to every detail, ensuring that your event is spectacular.And that's not all! Hiring a private chef from yhangry means you will always receive impeccable service. No matter what the occasion, our top-tier catering services are guaranteed to make your event unforgettable. Book a chef with us today!  


Sizzle in Style with a BBQ Bash

Who doesn't love a BBQ party? The hot, smoky atmosphere is perfect for socialising and enjoying good company, and nothing beats the taste of homemade food. But hosting a BBQ party can be stressful – you have to plan everything, from the menu to the seating arrangements – not to forget sourcing Cambridge’s famous sausages!That's where our expert catering services come in! We'll take care of all the preparations required for setting up your outdoor barbecue grill, including purchasing all necessary supplies. Then we'll simply bring aboard our private chefs, who will whip up a delicious menu that will delight everyone present. With yhangry by your side, there's little chance that your BBQ party won't succeed! Request a free quote.


Fine Halal Cuisine for All Occasions

Cambridge is home to one of the UK's most active mosques, with over 700 attendees. The city is growing as a Muslim community, both as residents and students, and Muslims have their own dietary laws, which makes catering to them an important task. Finding a reliable caterer can be challenging, whether you're hosting a dinner party or a large-scale event.At yhangry, we understand the importance of catering to the needs of the Muslim community, and that's why we've brought together a team of expert chefs under one roof for you to select from, dedicated to crafting delectable halal cuisine. From intimate business meetings to extravagant wedding receptions, we've got you covered.Our chefs take pride in preparing dishes that not only meet the dietary laws of Islam but also tantalise the taste buds with their rich flavours and fresh ingredients. Whether you're looking for a variety of finger foods to be served throughout the event or a full set menu, our caterers will work with you to create a bespoke dining experience.