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Hire Caterers in Barnsley

Hosting an event in Barnsley, regardless of its type, can be exhausting. From small office parties to extravagant weddings, an event in this coalfield town involves much planning and triple-checking, especially on things like the guestlist, decor, venue, menu and weather. With all these to figure out, it’s expected for one to be overwhelmed, especially with the uncertainty surrounding event planning. Sometimes, you can ruin your event by booking an unskilled or unreliable Barnsley caterer despite how long in advance you plan. 

The menu is the star of any event. It inspires conversation, laughter and the creation of memories at any gathering. The menu is even more appreciated when it’s designed to meet everyone’s dietary restrictions. Thus, you cannot afford it to be anything but perfect, even if it’s a casual menu involving shepherd’s pie and hotdogs. With yhangry’s extensive list of Michelin-star caterers, you will not just cross the food off your list but be guaranteed excellence. Book a consultation with us to learn more about our options. 


Yhangry Caterers in Barnsley 

With so many caterers in the Barnsley area to choose from, what makes yhangry’s special? For starters, the caterers and chefs in our network are exceptional. With Michelin-star rankings and an inclusive menu plan featuring diverse cuisines, yhangry’s caterers have that je ne sais quoi that will elevate your next meal experience. 

Apart from the customised menus featuring mouth-watering cuisines of different origins, yhangry’s Barnsley caterers are versatile and can function in any capacity. They can be private chefs and help you create weekly meal preps. They can also cater at your wedding, brunch party, Christmas party, hen do, bar mitzvah, or even partner with your job to supply office lunches. If it’s catering-related, yhangry’s Barnsley caterers can handle it. These caterers adhere to dietary restrictions, standards and preferences as they offer inclusive menu plans that clients can customise to their heart desires. 

The best part about our catering services is that you and your guests can focus on having a great time as our Barnsley caterers can handle everything from grocery shopping to cleaning up after. Thus, leaving you with nothing to do but bask in the pleasant memories created. Feel free to browse our inclusive menu offerings and request a free quote from our Barnsley caterers. 



Can I trust yhangry?

Absolutely. We’re highly rated as credible by verified clients, including many revered celebrities and influencers.

How much experience do your chefs have?

Yhangry chefs have invaluable experience. Some have worked with credible restaurants like Soho House, and others have been on Masterchef. However, they each have enviable experience.

I don’t know what I want, can you help me?

Of course. The extensive options we offer make narrowing down your choice a little difficult. However, by booking a consultation with us, we can help you make the best decision.