Our event suppliers

Below is a list of vendors we know, and love, to help you throw a truly fabulous event!

Please CC invoice@yhangry.com and title your email 'YHANGRY event - your name' e.g. 'YHANGRY event - Bob Jones' when reaching out to any of the listed suppliers to ensure that you get the best deals :)

Can't find what you are looking for? Drop us an email at info@yhangry.com and we will look into it for you!

Whats our customer say

In our experience it is generally quicker, cheaper and easier to buy kitchen equipment online through Amazon.

If you visit https://yhangry.com/kitchen-equipment you will find links to key pieces of kitchen equipment available through Prime with next day delivery.

However, for larger pieces of equipment or high volumes, please reach out to our recommended providers listed below

1. Get set hire

💻 https://www.getsethire.co.uk/product-category/food-styling

💡Key info: No minimum order value and you are able to place a booking online


2. Jongor

💻 https://jongor.co.uk/search?q=cake

💡Key info: There is a minimum order value of £200 – please email millie.smith@jongor.co.uk with the venue details and equipment. Please note Jongor also rent out gas BBQ’s


3. Allens

💻 https://www.allenshire.co.uk

💡Key info: There is a minimum order value: £100; less than £100, the order would have to be collected. Please note Allens also rent out BBQ’s grills (charcoal and gas)

1.Luxury Event styling

💫 Service offered: Balloon styling, Self-serve carts.

💻 https://balloonsandfizz.co.uk

📸 balloonsandfizzco ****


📧 Priya, hello@balloonsandfizz.co


2. Tablescape London

💫Services offered: Event styling and decoration

💻 https://www.tablescape.london

📸 tablescape.london


📧 Laura, hello@tablescape.london


3. Your favourite event planner

💫Services offered: Bespoke event planning



📧 Nada, aseyeevents@gmail.com


4. The Eventive co

💫Services offered: Igloo, Ball tent, luxe picnic, hot tub, cinema experiences



📧 Sameera, theeventiveco@outlook.com


5. Roy Events

💫Services offered: Curated events, spaces, tablescapes. Min 4 guests





6. Citrine Events

💫Services offered: Igloo, table setting, balloons, tents and decor


📧Anikta, citrinee11@gmail.com

1.Tablescape London

💡Key info: Rental tablescape packages start from £69 for 6 to 8 people. Tablescapes London need a minimum of 36 hrs notice for an existing design and a weeks notice for bespoke orders.

💻 https://www.tablescape.london/

📸Instagram: tablescape.london


📧 Laura, hello@tablescape.london


2. Cushte London

💡Key info: Rental tablescapes, packages starting from £120 for 4. Cushte London require a minimum of 1-week notice. Maximum of 25 guests and a minimum of 4 guests. Would prefer a 2 weeks notice for bespoke tablescapes.

📸 Instagram: cushte.london


📧 referrals@cushte.com – please entitle you email ‘Yhangry referral – your name’ e.g. ‘Yhangry referral – Bob Jones’


3. The Clicc

💡Key info: Rental tablescapes, starting from £100 for 8 (max 25 guests)

****📸 Instagram: theclicc.london


📧 Rakhi , theclicclondon@gmail.com


4. Citrine Events

💡Key info: Rental tablescapes – packages starting from £100-£150 for 6. Citrine Events would prefer a one week notice if possible, but can often accommodate bookings at a shorter notice. No minimum number of guests and they can accommodate to a maximum of 25 guests

📸Instagram: citrine.events


📧 citrinee11@gmail.com


5. Roy Events

💡Key info: Rental tablescapes starting from £30 per person. Roy Events typically require a week notice. Bookings require a minimum number of people of 4 guests, but can accommodate smaller numbers if based around the Watford area

📸Instagram: royevents


📧 Events@royevents.co.uk

1.Options great hire


💡Key info: No minimum order value. The turn around period for bookings is typically 2 days but this excludes weekends, please do plan accordingly


2. Hire it


💡Key info: No minimum order value. Please select your items and then email info@hireit-eventfurniture.com to place a booking


3. Ya hire


💡Key info: There is a minimum order value of £75. You are able to place a booking online


💻 https://www.airtasker.com