Limited Edition Swiss Fondue

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Live Now: Swiss Fondue & Romantic Date Night Ideas <3

Put your hands up if your ski trip got cancelled…

Many would be skiing at some point during this season, so we thought we’d bring the classic Gruyère cheese fondue straight from the alps to your dining table in London. We thought we’d create the perfect package for you including:

  • Our very own fondue night Spotify playlist
  • Cheesy (not) table decor
  • Fondue set

For anyone not booking the fondue set, the chef will serve the heavenly fondue in some equally heavenly, carved out sourdough. For anyone fearing carbicide, do not worry, our fondue menus come with not just bread but other (arguably) more nutritious sides like charred tenderstem broccoli, steamed vegetables, roasted potatoes, prawns etc.

For the vegan(uarian)s: We’ve created an absolutely delish vegan fondue recipe containing secret ingredients such as cashews and miso! To see the menus, click below and select ‘Limted Edition Swiss Fondue’ as cuisine.