The dinner party

Whether you’re having a chef over for...

Valentine's date night at home

A special anniversary or birthday celebration

A casual Sunday treat for your family or flatmates...

Explore the YHANGRY journey

The dining table, among friends or family, is where the best conversations take place – talk about the world, culture, politics or just gossip… All mediated through sharing food in the comfort and privacy of home.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    Choose what you eat

    Create your own menu or pick from our set menus (we all have decision fatigue sometimes!)

  2. Step 2

    Groceries get delivered

    Make sure you are home during your grocery delivery slot (otherwise the chef has nothing to cook up a storm with!)

  3. Step 3

    Welcome the chef

    Be home for the stated chef arrival time, this is usually a couple of hours before the time at which the food will be ready

  4. Step 4

    Enjoy your meal

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the food!

You can choose à la carte or one of our set menus

Can’t decide which dishes? The struggle is real… Just pick one the set menus created by our chefs!

Create your own menu

Choose from the starters, mains, sides and desserts we offer to create the perfect bespoke menu for your event!

  • Create your own menu with your favourite dishes and for your specific dietary needs
  • We will arrange the most suitable chef for your menu and requirements
  • Don't forget to add other services such as wine pairing, cocktails or table service to your booking
From: £100
Create menu
west beirut

west beirut

kamoune banadoura
cheese sambousek
lebanese lamb koftas
batata harra
baked rice pudding
Total: £323.70

For 6 people, per person £53.95

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way beyond the great wall

way beyond the great wall

chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce
pajeon (korean prawn & spring onion pancake with soy sesame dipping sauce)
yuzu salmon fillet with charred spring onion
cumin lamb with aubergine & ginger
green bean stir fry with garlic sauce
basmati rice
saffron cardamom lassi with pistachios
Total: £300.30

For 6 people, per person £50.05

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Between the bamboo and the sakura tree

Between the bamboo and the sakura tree

yachaejeon (korean vegetable & spring onion pancake with soy sesame dipping sauce)
spicy mango salad
vegetable manchurian
coconut chickpea curry with cashews
basmati rice
cardamom rice pudding with almonds, pistachios & rose
Total: £267.15

For 6 people, per person £44.53

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Add-on Services

We are working with amazing partners to offer add ons to make your experience extra special. You can find these when filtering for the course ‘add ons’ whilst creating your own menu.

  • Table service & clear up
  • Wine pairing with tasting notes
  • Bottled cocktails
  • Cheese board with grapes
  • After dinner chocolates