How do I raise a complaint?

Who is responsible for the service delivered?

The chef is fully responsible for the delivery of the service and in case of inadequacy, you need to come to a resolution with the chef. If the service is not being delivered to your satisfaction, please raise this with your chef during the event. If you are unable to solve a dispute directly with the chef, you can contact us and we will make our best efforts to assist in an amicable resolution.

How to raise a dispute?

1. Speak to the chef during the event to allow them to resolve the problem in real time. Chefs are professionals and will usually do everything they can to make sure you’re having the best experience.

2. If you are dissatisfied with the chef’s solution, inform yhangry via email about the dispute before 12pm on the day after the event. Please note that we release payments to chefs the day after your event. Once the payment has been released, we will not be able to provide any monetary compensation.

3. If you fail to make the chef aware of any issues during the event, or if you tip the chef, we will be unable to help you with a resolution.

When do I have to raise a dispute by?

By 12pm the day after your event. If we are not made aware of any issues before this time, we will consider this as a statement from you that the services carried out were acceptable

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