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The chef was great. The food was plentiful, healthy and delicious, just like we’d requested. We had Asian this time and look forward to trying another cuisine the next time we book.


Delicious and filling experience! Chef Mark was fantastic. He cooked up a feast with our party saying it was the best lunch they’ve ever had. We had a concoction of British, Mexican and American dishes that were out of this world. We highly recommend Chef Mark and look forward to booking him for a dinner soon.


We ordered for a work party for our team of 20 people. The food was delicious. All the allergies and food preferences like gluten-free were taken care of. Truly the flavours took us away. The spices were amazing.

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Our Top FAQs

What equipment do I need to provide?

Our chefs usually use the equipment (pots, pans, oven, stone etc), and serve ware (glasses, plates, serving platters, etc) in the customers homes. If you are low on equipment or need the chef to provide this, please add this into your request (this will cost extra). Once booked in, you can directly message or call your chef to confirm on the exact equipment required. In case of BBQ equipment, we suggest hiring from AllensHire as the best option as they deliver within 48 hours and offer both charcoal and gas BBQs.

What is the minimum spend?

The minimum spend is £196.

What happens once I book?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a booking confirmation e-mail containing further details pertaining to your event and you can also chat with the chef via your account. You can always edit guest number or dishes post booking.

I want to see some example menus

Click on the Explore Menus button to see ready-to-book Menus and their price quotes in your cuisine of choice. Menus are also available on Chef profile pages.

Can I create a personalised menu?

Yes, you can suggest any dishes you’d like to your chef and work with them to co-create a menu that takes care of all your guests’ preferences as well as dietary restrictions.

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Hire Caterers for Small Parties 

Organising a party of any size can be exhausting. You must pay attention to many details if you want the party to be a hit. Small parties can be especially hard to organise as they require you to provide a more intimate experience, and you need to plan with everybody’s needs in mind.

Catering for such an event can be tricky. However, reliable caterers can provide you with a great evening, no matter your party size. They provide food for all parties, no matter what you’re celebrating. If you’re planning a party soon for a celebration, birthday or even a promotion, you should use Yhangry to connect with the best local caterers. 

Bespoke Fine Dining

If you’re planning a small party for a group of close adults, you could do worse than hiring a caterer to provide your party with a bespoke fine dining experience complete with canapés. Fine dining catering for private parties is ideal for sit-down dinners where you want to impress those close to you without worrying about organising the food. 

Caterers can provide all sorts of cuisines for their customers, such as French or Indian food. Nothing says fine dining like a multicourse meal provided to you by experienced chefs. No matter your particular tastes, they will help you craft a bespoke menu that includes all your guests’ dietary needs and will leave them satisfied.

Party Foods 

Sometimes, you don’t need an elegant evening to have fun. Parties can be fun get-togethers with a casual vibe that flows well. Caterers can provide you with rich buffets filled with the finest, freshest foods, ensuring there will be something for even the fussiest eaters. 

Finger food is especially popular for birthday parties. Caterers offer hot and cold party foods featuring vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring no one feels left out. 

Garden Parties

If you plan on hosting your small party in your garden, some caterers specialise in providing food and drink for outside events. There are caterers who provide afternoon tea, hog roasts or finger food buffets. Hiring a caterer allows you to enjoy the time with your friends – no need to stress about the food as they’ll handle it. 

Find the Perfect Caterers in Your Local Area

If you’re looking to hire caterers for your small party, you should get to know Yhangry. Yhangry is a site for hosts who want to create the best party experience possible. It allows hosts to connect with all the best caterers in the local area who provide the right service on the right budget. 

Think of Yhangry as a matchmaking service that analyses your wants, needs and expectations and connects you with the caterer who can make your dream a reality. 

Caterers on Yhangry have years of experience catering events of all sizes and styles. Some caterers are best suited for providing snack foods for small children’s parties. Others can pull off a refined menu that would suit the most prestigious and exclusive Parisian restaurant. 

Caterers don’t just turn up on the day and present you with a few odds and ends that your guests could eat. Instead, they recommend menus based on your tastes and the needs of your guests. Once you’ve crafted the perfect menu, they set to work cooking it to perfection while you’re busy adding the finishing touches to your event. 

A caterer should use the freshest organic ingredients on the market to offer you a nutritious, filling meal that will leave a smile on all your guests’ faces. 

If you’re interested in taking your party to the next level, you should contact us and get a quote for a caterer for your event