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Business team dinner

We had a brilliant team lunch at home to celebrate a work anniversary and it was very special. Our chef was called Herlinzum, and he was brilliant to be around, very competent, and cooked some absolutely delicious Japanese food for us! Would highly recommend.

Hannah Russell, Google Review

Why team dinners matter?

Increase retention by developing friendships

75% would turn down new jobs

Team building

Foster highly engaged and productive teams

21% greater profitability


communication links

4.6x likely to perform their best work


How does it work?
(We can also do venue hire 🎉)

  1. Step 1

    Your groceries and menus arrive

    All the magical ingredients are delivered the day before in the given grocery timeslot to your home

  2. Step 2

    The chef arrives on the day

    The chef arrives, cooks everything from scratch using your utensils and equipment

  3. Step 3

    You enjoy an insane feast with your peers!

    Your feast is ready for you to have in amazing sharing style plates! The chef clears up in the kitchen and leaves you to enjoy your meal.

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