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I’ve been blogging gluten free food and recipes for 10 years now. It wasn’t something that was ever ‘intended’, but when my daughter was found to be Coeliac back in 2011 (later followed by myself), life changed. Shop-bought gluten free food was sparse and largely inedible and I knew I needed to step up to make sure none of us missed out. At first, Gluten Free Alchemist was just a means to record recipes for my daughter… A ‘hobby’, creating our family recipe book (so that it wasn’t all lost). But as a foodie with a stubborn desire to make gluten free perfect, I wanted more time in the kitchen to create. In 2019, I was made redundant and my passion for cooking and baking was unexpectedly rewarded with the time I needed. I now develop and share recipes that push the boundaries of gluten free baking and ingredients to achieve great food that is just that! I am never happy until a gluten free recipe is at least as good as its ‘wheat’ equivalent and nothing gets shared until I am certain it meets that bar. My heritage is both British and Italian. This combined with a love of travel, means that my food is both local and internationally inspired. But I am perhaps most proud of my achievements in creating my gluten free bread and Panettone… which (I am told) have changed people’s lives. And that for me, makes it all worthwhile.

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