About Yhangry

Hi Peeps,

Here’s a little bit about Yhangry– Read: Why Hangry ?

We are a private chef platform that lets you throw fabulous dinner parties at home, affordably.

Founded in 2019 by two ladies who were working in finance, the primary motive was to create an alternative for hanging out with friends at home, and to offer a high end private chef service without the high end price tag: Our dinner parties start from £100 all in for a group!

We at YHANGRY, are trying to facilitate more meaningful connections. Quality time with loved ones has become so rare: a dinner party at home is more personal and intimate than going out and some of the best conversations take place in the comfort of home – there are certain topics one might not bring up with strangers sitting half a meter away in a crowded restaurant!


You name it and we have it!

We offer a wide variety of menus– Pan Asian, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Mexican etc. and we cater to all dietary preferences: vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, gluten free and nut allergies. You can also opt for organic ingredients if you like.

There are two different ways of selecting your menu: A) you can choose from our ‘set menus’ or B) you can create your own menu ‘à la carte’ by choosing from the dishes that we offer across starters, mains, sides, desserts etc.

Other services we offer: 

  1. Virtual cooking classes 
  2. Tablescapes
  3. Corporate offers
  4. BBQ (coming up soon)
  5. Brunch


We have a streamlined recruitment process and hire our chefs according to strict criteria:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Cooking skills
  3. Hygiene
  4. Experience
  5. Communication skills 

We can vouch for each one of them – they are all extremely talented and great to have around. 

Since Dec 2019, we’ve catered for over 1000 dinner parties and are very proud to share that all our chefs have consistently maintained a 5-star record. 

We have a strong and growing team of currently more than 100 chefs in London. And post our recent expansion to Greater London, we’ve started networking with the best chefs from across the city.


‘How have you managed to stay operational throughout the lockdown?’ is a question that we often get asked. Here’s how–

  1. By conducting a virtual training program about Covid.
  2. Kitchen is disinfected before and after cooking.
  3. Groceries and utensils are properly sanitised before cooking.
  4. In case the chef is unwell, we inform the clients in advance and find them a replacement. If a replacement is unavailable, we cancel the booking and offer a full refund.

Our cancellation policy is very flexible 

Normally cancellations for a full cash refund can be made up until 3 days before the booking. If a booking has to be cancelled due to government guidelines, we would also issue a full cash refund (minus the cost of any beverages/groceries which were already delivered). 

In case a booking needs to be cancelled within 3 days due to the host or guests feeling unwell, we will issue a full credit refund for future use.

Within a year, Yhangry has successfully managed to establish itself as one of the renowned chef companies in London. Sought by celebrities and influencers, our recipes are one of a kind.

Currently, we service London and all of greater London– and within 5 years, we aim to be in Europe and the United States.

What our customers book us for:

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Girls night in
  3. Taco Tuesday
  4. Poker night with the boys
  5. Anniversary dinners
  6. Games Night
  7. Date nights 
  8. Sunday brunches
  9. BBQs in the garden
  10. Hen parties

So what are you waiting for? Book a private chef and get your friends together (as soon as it’s allowed).