5 Tips to Hire a Private Chef at an Affordable Price

Private Chef Garnishing Food

Food has a delicious way of bringing people together. The moments at the dinner table with your family, that time you’d baked with your mother, the time you’d proposed to your partner at dinner; the memories created around food are some of the most special. 

The joys and stresses of the act of cooking, however, go hand in hand. When you want to share a good meal with your partner but you always seem to be busy, celebrate a special occasion with friends and family with a 3-course meal at the comfort of your home without the worries of cooking for them, you may decide to hire a private chef. You might want to learn to cook a dish with your family or even your workmates as a bonding or team-building experience. Learning, creating something while spending quality time together, and getting to taste the rewards afterwards, is such a gratifying experience. It may be fulfilled by simply hiring a private chef. 

Evaluate your needs

Many people feel clueless when hiring a private chef. Is it an intimate dining experience that you desire, but you have children at home? Are you homebound for other reasons? Do you have specific dietary concerns for health or religious reasons? Do you simply not have the time to cook and want someone to cook for you?

By having a private chef cook for you at home, you save on the costs of travelling to the venue, hiring a babysitter, and you save on the time buying groceries, doing the actual cooking as well as the cleaning. At YHANGRY, we cater for a wide range of dietary preferences, be it kosher, vegan, gluten-free, etc. 

Do your research

After evaluating your needs, do your research on who provides the services tailored to your needs in your area. We recommend checking whether the ingredients and travel are included.

If you are in London, you must consider YHANGRY. Our minimum order value is just £100, and that includes the price of groceries. Our portions are generous, compared to restaurants. If required you can book table service and waitstaff at an additional cost whilst placing your booking. Hear from our kind customers about their experiences with us. 

Mind your budget while creating your menu

This is essential. Create a menu where the dishes are more affordable and yet enjoyable for all. 

At YHANGRY, you may pick your dishes and wines from our extensive, carefully curated menu. You can use different filters to view only specific cuisines or dishes that are e.g. vegetarian or dairy free. Every menu and every dish shows transparent pricing per person, so you can choose the perfect dishes whilst optimising for your budget. We cater for brunch and canapé parties as well. You may choose a set canapé menu or even create your own. For a BBQ event, we have a flat rate of £150 to book a chef to man the grill.

Private Chef cooking

Look for perks

To expect perks while hiring a private chef, without burning a hole in your pocket, may seem unrealistic. When you’re planning a dinner, some extras like a beautiful table setting decor, a cheeseboard, chocolates, etc. would truly be ideal. 

At YHANGRY, we provide such options for an additional cost. We try to accommodate any other ideas our customers may have to make their event extra special. We also send out personalised menu cards, at no extra cost, for our customers to be able to share their event’s meal selections with their guests. They are perfect for a garden party, intimate wedding, a special anniversary or birthday celebration, we have been told.

Splitting the bill

Customising an extensive menu may not be as hard on your pockets as you may think. We cater for a minimum of two people. The prices of our dishes are lower if there is a higher number of guests. If you want to reduce costs further, the simplest way is to go Dutch on the bill, like you would in a restaurant.

You save both money and time with the simple decision to hire a private chef at home. YHANGRY takes care of everything to make your event special, all for the minimum order amount of £100!